JADE Belgium

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Champion's mindset

Arthur Dogot


Damien Mertens

Vice President

Line Baland

Secretary General

Basile Cassiers

International Manager

Adrien Ballet

IT Manager

Marie-Line Verhelst

Communication Manager

Seyma Camuz

Quality Manager

Nathan Pletinckx

Quality Manager

Juliette Legrand

Quality Manager

Alexandre Arnould

Quality Manager

Oscar de Giey

Enlargement Manager

Hermine Mesquita da Cunha

Partnership Manager

Olivia van Havre

Event Manager

Rosalie Bruynseels

Event Manager

Mikhail Djaksigoulov

Legal Advisor


First Belgian Junior Enterprise

The first Belgian Junior Enterprise, EAA Consult, currently Hec-Ulg Advisory, was created in 1991 in Liège.

Belgian Confederation of Junior Enterprises

A couple of years later (1998), Junior entrepreneurs decided to get together within the Belgian Confederation of Junior Enterprises.

Fédération Belge des Junior Entreprises (FBJE)

In 2004, they moved from a confederated structure to a federated structure under the name of Fédération Belge des Junior Entreprises (FBJE).

JADE Belgium

In 2007, following the creation of the first Flemish Junior Enterprise (AFC) and after joining the JADE network, the FBJE decided to be renamed as JADE Belgium, also called Belgian federation of Junior Enterprises.