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A Junior Enterprise is a non-profit business structure developed and entirely managed by students (Junior Entrepreneurs). This concept is focused on three key dimensions: entrepreneurial, economic and educational.

Depending on their field of studies, the Junior Entrepreneurs offer different services to various firms and organizations from the public and private sector. They bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and the business world through professional project work and managing the Junior Enterprise as a small company.

A Junior Enterprise is an opportunity for students to develop a range of soft and hard skills. It offers a first concrete working experience.

As an organization, you benefit from reliable and high quality services at competitive prices.

The objectives of a Junior Enterprise

Learning by doing

While studying at university, students create and manage their own non-profit SMEs offering consulting services to the market in relation to their field of study. Joining or creating a Junior Enterprise provides them with unique learning opportunities by working on professional project and by managing small- to medium- sized enterprises.

Business + Education

Adding practical experience to their theoretical skills, Junior Entrepreneurs provide businesses with state-of-the-art knowledge from universities. Both can take advantage in the process: businesses have access to innovative ideas and students get hands-on experiences in the market before finishing their education.

Fostering entrepreneurial skills

The Junior Enterprise experience develops new skills, needed in today’s job market. Developing self-confidence and experiencing entrepreneurship at early stage is one of the opportunities a Junior Enterprise offers. JEs are also entities of multicultural learning and exchange in a conductive and competitive environment.

Enhancing employability

Junior Enterprises are self-sustaining and self-developing organizations, which finance their activities through projects and partnerships with companies. They depend on the motivation, willingness and commitment of the students: this is why Junior Enterprises attract very talented students from various fields of study. Junior Enterprises can then help local companies to search for and employ talented, experienced and motivated students from one single place.

Fostering growth

A high-developed Junior Enterprise will improve the university’s reputation at European level and will increase its brand awareness. Since a Junior Enterprise’s services are requested especially by local SME’s, they help to strongly improve and support the local economy. Given the fact that 21% of former Junior Entrepreneurs start their own company within 3 years after graduation (EU average: 4-8%), Junior Enterprises are an essential motor for innovation and economic growth.

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