LSM Conseil is a leading Junior Enterprise operating with the sole purpose of exceeding your expectations while helping you grow your business. 
By hiring LSM Conseil’s consultants, your business will benefit from the following key advantages 
– A large panel of services to provide you with tailored solutions
– A solid organizational structure operating with high standards of excellence
– A Project Team composed of top-talented university students in Management, Economics and Engineering from the Catholic University of Louvain
– A strong international network giving you the opportunity to access the services of leading Junior-Enterprises all over Europe
Operating since 1992, LSM Conseil has gained experience and expertise while continuously recruiting top-talented university students . Together with the support of prestigious partners such as McKinsey&Company and Amaris, we are able to advise you at all stages of your organization in order to create value, leverage opportunities, develop a competitive advantage and enter new markets.
LSM Conseil operates all year-long and carries out about 35 missions a year for a wide variety of clients, 92% of whom stating that they would like to work with us again in the future.


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