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The Junior Enterprise concept is widely recognized as a valuable tool in helping to bridge effectively the gap between university and the workforce. Participating students have the opportunity to learn by doing and to develop their entrepreneurial skills.

Junior-Entreprises offer skills, knowledge and an intellectually stimulating experience to a large and wide pool of students striving for excellence from all universities in the country. For companies, attracting talent is a necessity to ensure their competitiveness and performance. Resourceful, innovative, entrepreneurial and always looking to step up their game, Junior-Entrepreneurs are interesting profiles for companies.

Hence, many are looking for Junior-Entrepreneurs. One way of approaching these students is partnering with JADE Belgium.

Partnering with JADE Belgium is not only strengthening your talent pipeline and employer branding, this is also about supporting youth entrepreneurship, economic empowerment and education.

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Jean-Claude Juncker
President of the European Commission

Europe’s future is in the hands of its young people. It is your energy and creativity that will produce the new ideas and start-ups of tomorrow. Europe’s Junior Enterprises are leading the way.

José Manuel Fernandes
Member of the European Parliament

I believe that Junior Enterprises represent a best practice to foster hard and soft skills, the development of an entrepreneurial mindset and of a proactive attitude: this is why I believe that a further spread of the JE concept in European countries would benefit both students, the youth, and ultimately the society, and I encourage local institution to give to the JE movement support and recognition.

Regina Murray
Educational Sector Director of Microsoft Western Europe

As we face these challenging economic times, it is vital that both Industry leaders and European Union leaders nurture the entrepreneurial spirit and skillset of the young people of Europe. Microsoft embraces the urgency of this entrepreneurial challenge. We view partnerships such as the one with JADE as vital first step in addressing these challenges.

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